Finding Oil in West Central Texas

Finding Oil in West Central Texas

Historically, one of the problems for the oil industry has been establishing a means of finding oil that did not involve drilling in a certain location until it had run dry. The work of geologists and meteorologists has been crucial in developing more sophisticated methods of finding and drilling for oil. Since the 1920’s discovery of an early form of seismic surveys by geologists, significant amounts of oil have been found in Texas. In recent times the demand for energy, which is fuelled by oil has increased across the globe. In a bid to redress the looming scarcity of natural resources in America and to avoid any reliance on foreign oil sources experts like those at Weatherby Energy have worked on refining the way we use seismic data. In recent years technological advances have led to the emergence of 3D seismic data and surveys of this nature, experts at Weatherby Energy say, mean greater knowledge about the area that is being investigated.

Information or data from 3D seismic surveys allows people like the team at Weatherby Energy to see what is going on far below the earth’s surface. Surveys of this nature that have been carried out in the west central area of Texas; indicate that there are still some significant sources of oil as yet undrilled. For many years geologists and weathermen have used seismic data to assess whether an area is susceptible to earthquakes and how strong those quakes might be. More recently, scientists like those at Weatherby Energy have discovered that they can use 3D seismic surveys to assess whether an area is suitable for drilling. Seismic data can tell experts whether drilling in some areas poses a threat to the environment or to the population, thus experts can assess an area’s suitability for oil drilling far more accurately than in the past.

The difference between ordinary seismic surveys that rely on the detonation of explosives, and 3D seismic surveys is significant, a 3D survey means that geologists from Weatherby Energy can view a three dimensional model of the area under investigation, an absolute necessity when searching for oil. West central Texas is home to America’s ninth largest area of oil production. Certain areas that are high in limestone, made it difficult to ascertain whether and to what extent oil was present, before the invention of 3D seismic surveys. The invention and use of 3D seismic-imaging means that it is now possible to find oil in areas where previously it couldn’t be located. Not only were experts at Weatherby Energy able to locate oil with 3D seismic data, it also meant that judging the size of those wells was also possible. Using three-dimensional seismic data removes much of the risk and therefore cost, of identifying the amount of oil in a given area.


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