Investing Oil & Gas

Weatherby Energy wants to remind investors that there is more to investing in oil and gas than just buying stocks. When you invest with Weatherby Energy, you have the opportunity to invest in drilling for gas or oil, allowing you to receive a potential for greater rewards as well as more favorable tax treatment for your investment and for any losses that might occur. Since now is a great time to buy energy investments, this means that now is a great time to invest in Weatherby Energy.

Types of Oil Investments

People wanting to invest in oil and gas have several choices. A straightforward way to invest is to buy stock in companies that are engaged in drilling for oil or that are in the oil service industry. There are also mutual funds that invest in stocks that are related to the energy industry. Other options include exchange traded funds and exchange traded notes. ETFs and ETNs invest in oil futures contracts instead of stocks. These can add some diversity to your portfolio and you will have the choice of investing in one sector of the energy industry, like natural gas, or investing in a variety of commodities.

The decision you make will depend on how much exposure you want for yourself: indirect exposure through stocks that are energy related or direct exposure with and ETF. In any case, though, if you make an investment in oil through buying securities, the investment will be considered passive and you will only be able to deduct losses from capital gains and other passive investment activities.

When you invest in Weatherby Energy, on the other hand, your investment is a working interest. The IRS treats working interests differently and you can actually deduct money you invest with Weatherby Energy for drilling of gas or oil from many sources of income including your salary and your business profits. You can also help to further the aim of drilling for oil in the US to become less dependant on foreign oil interests.

Factors Affecting Oil Prices

Investing in oil with Weatherby Energy gives you a chance to yield high returns with a return of your capital often coming within a year, while investing in stocks can sometimes take much longer to realize a gain. There is also less risk now and more demand worldwide for oil.

Lease costs are low, drilling costs are low, and so is the competition, with many companies dropping out of the game in recent years. There have been technological advancements that have improved recovery and reduced your risks. Some companies are reporting a huge success rate on wildcat wells when just a few years ago the success rate was very low.

This fact, coupled with the many tax benefits of investing in oil, makes it a great time to consider making an investment with Weatherby Energy. Of course, as with any industry, you will want to invest in a stable and leading company, and Weatherby Energy has the drilling knowledge and experience necessary to maximize the chances that the drill will be a success.


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