Oil and Gas in Texas

Oil and Gas in Texas

Anyone who has watched old westerns knows that there is a significant history of oil and gas discovery in Texas. Since the Permian Basin was discovered to be rich in oil in the early 1920s, Texas has since been a state of oil and gas development. With no end of the oil reserves in sight, Texas promises to contribute to the oil and gas industry along with companies like Weatherby Energy for many more years to come.

Back in the 1800s the Comanche Indian tribe lived in an area of West Texas known as the Permian Basin. This basin was their home until the US Army pushed them out in the late 1800s. Once the Indian tribes were out, farmers took over the land but had one problem – there was no running water. In order to establish a foundation for water, farmers had to drill wells for water. It is in these wells that evidence of oil existence occurred. This discovery led to the building of oil refineries in the Permian Basin and opened the door for companies like Weatherby Energy to begin drilling for oil.

Oil was first drilled for in 1866, less than a decade after the United States was brought into the oil industry. The first commercial refinery was built on the Permian Basin in 1921 and the basin has been a vast resource since oil was discovered. Many companies, like Weatherby Energy, are located in Texas for its vast oil resources that replenish year after year.

In its most productive year, 1972, Texas produced over 1263 million barrels of oil, a figure that has not been matched since. Because the oil wells tend to run dry after being drilled, it takes some time for them to regenerate new resources, with the regeneration rate hovering around 35%. Companies like Weatherby Energy, when they run out of resources at a particular drilling site, can come back to the site within a few years and hopefully yield more oil out of the reservoir.

Natural gas, also developed by companies like Weatherby Energy, has been developed in Texas for many years as well. During its first discovery, the gas was burned off in a wasteful manner, with oil companies not realizing the importance of the gas and the manner in which the resource could be used. Today, however, gas production is in abundance with two types of natural gas being produced. Associated natural gas is gas that contains crude oil and must be further refined to separate it out from the crude oil. Non-associated natural gas, according to Weatherby Energy, is in far more abundance as it is not associated with nor does it come in contact with crude oil. Natural gas is what fuels our heat and cooking gas in some parts of the nation.

Texas has proved over the last century to be a viable resource for both oil and natural gas. With the development of more sophisticated equipment and technology, it is possible in the future for Texas to become one of our very own domestic resources that will fuel the United States into a self-sustaining oil industry.


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